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Astrological signs: Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Vibrates to the number: 1

Correlated chakras: Throat (5th)

Termed: “Stone of Romance”, “Stone of Power”, “Stone of Rebirth”

Is said to: balance and align chakras, spiritual attunement, enhance meditation communication and intuition with physical and spiritual, release old vows, inhibitions, delve into past lives, shows fate is in your hands, purification, dispel negative energy, prevents bullying, blocks pollutants, peace of mind, psychic and natal power, for public speaking, bring male female energies together, prosperity, for self realization and problem solving, promotes love and marriage, for stage fright, strengthens, dissolves martyred or self sabotage traits, inner calm, alertness, for creative expression, stabilize mood swings, stimulate romantic love, for exhaustion, depression, panic attacks, strengthens the meridians in the body, enhance physical and psychic immune systems, regulate tissue, assimilation of nutrients, alleviate viral infections, treats: eyes, cataracts, reduces excess acidity, gout, rheumatism, throat, stomach, an anti-inflammatory, lung, chest, arthritis, asthma, detoxifying, ear, alleviates headaches, cramps, pain.

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Bring the blue of father sky to the earth and melding together the energies of the heavens with the consciousness of mother earth. It strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. It actually elevates all chakras and can facilitate attunement between the physical level and the higher plains of existence. It can bring any and all energies to a higher level. It does, however, primarily stimulate the throat, heart and any navel chakras, bringing communication skills to emotional issues, to creativity, and to intuition while allowing for the application of love in all areas. It is excellent for spiritual attunement, for hearing and cleansing of both the energy centers and the physical body, and for providing protection. It has been said that turquoise changes color to warn of impending danger and/or to indicate infidelity in thought or action. it can be used to protect against environmental pollutants as well, it is valuable for grounding and can help to prevent on from losing touch with the conscious mind during sleep meditations; this facilitates a “no mind” meditative state, but provides the unconscious mind with a “knowing” of the protective mechanism which has been initiated. It can be used for attunement with those of the physical plane, as well as between one and the spirit world. It is valuable to provide strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel, it is of high spirituality and can bring both valor and protection on the spiritual level, and from the etheric plane. It is also a stone of earth-grounding, hence one can remain grounded during spiritual “work”. It acts to improve meditation and to further peace of mind turquoise is a healer of the spirit, providing for a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind. It has also been known to guide one through the unknown, protecting while promoting ones independence in action. It was used in ancient times to insure property and to protect against accidents, it has been esteemed, by the Tibetan shaman, as holding both a spiritual and protective property. It has also been considered, by the Native American Indians, to be both a protective stone and a bestower of goodness. It can be used to balance the male/female aspects of one’s character, bringing forth the qualities of mental clarity and spiritual clarity, and providing for the balancing of energies. It also provides for a bit of an increase in ones psychic powers and can help one to develop one natal powers. It is said to assist one in communication activities, both written and oral, such that which is relayed to others is direct and correct. It acts to induce wisdom and understanding and to enhance trust, kindness, and the recognition of beauty. It is said to promote spontaneity in issues of romance and to stimulate the initiation of romantic love. It has been used extensively “cloud-busting” (initiating rain). Turquoise is also a master healer, emanating a purifying energy which tends to dissipate negativity, it is an excellent anti-negativity stone (where negativity is not within the self). it can be used for emotional, mental and physical problems in ancient times it was used to heal eye problem (especially cataracts) it has been used to strengthen work animals, it acts to strengthen the entire anatomy, and can help be helpful in the amelioration of all diseases and disorders. It can aid in the absorption of nutrients, can help to stimulate the regeneration of tissue and can act to increase circulatory flows to the muscular tissue. It has been used in the treatment headaches and in the repair of physical damage which has impacted the body. It has been used to assist one in maintaining stability during ambulatory motions. an elixir has been used to ameliorate skin disorders which were due to stress to facilitate the properties, turquoise may be held for attunement, taken as a elixir, worn, carried or placed in ones environment, the turquoise crystals provide a doubling effect of the properties and produce total polarization of the physical with the subtle bodies.

The excepts above are taken from the LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by MELODY.

Animal healing – protects from loss, theft or straying.

Energize with cedar smudge.

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