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Tourmalinated Quartz

Astrological signs: Libra

Vibrates to the number: 2

Correlated chakras: All

Termed: “Stone of Polarities”, “Stone of Good over Evil”

Is said to: dissolve crystallized patterns, aligns chakras, good over evil, adjust imbalances, ground, an effective problem-solver, turns negative thoughts and energies positive, aids change in diet, provides endurance during exhaustion, resolve conflict, releases tensions, strength for antipathetic relationships, lessens pettiness, clears remnants of the past, strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion or poltergeist energy, prevent self-sabotage, harmonizes opposing forces, balances yin yang, heals those after car accidents, integrates and heals energies, alleviates self sabotage, deflects negative environmental influences, creates light in the aura, harmonizes the meridians chakras and subtle bodies, purification, doorway into hidden realms, for imbalance within the body, eases interaction, emotional clarity, help in staying on spiritual path, aligns chakras and subtle bodies, treats: sinus headaches, Asperger’s syndrome, substance abuse, lesions, unclog arteries.

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Tourmalinated quartz combines the qualities of tourmaline with the qualities of quartz. In addition to the properties listed below from tourmalinated quartz, it also exhibits the qualities of sagenite and tourmaline. (As a tourmalinated quartz) it provides humanity with a tool, which produces a “solving atmosphere”. It can be used to assist one in the actualizing an innate strength to palliate antipathetic relationships and situations. It aids in eliminating many “crystallized” patterns which are, or have been, destructive in nature and in one’s own life. It also aids in adjusting imbalances throughout the bodies.

The excerpt above is taken from LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by MELODY.

Animal healing – helps oversensitive animals to noise and sudden movements.

Energize by setting between a dark and light candle and letting them burn until finished.

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