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Astrological signs: Virgo, Gemini

Vibrates to the number: 1

Correlated chakras: All

Termed: “Stone of Attracting”

Is said to: align and activate the chakras, a natural magnet for attracting, for grounding and clear thinking, for focus especially detailed work, aids decisions, electromagnetically pulls toxic blocks and pain from energy meridians, for pancreas and lower glands, dissolves insecurity and dependence, balances the meridians of the body with the etheric body, for ease in astral travel, removes energy blockages which create disease, creates strength in the body, distinguishes dualities in your environment, enhances receptivity, makes you accepting of what you have, balances male female aspects, stimulates consciousness, helps to relieve burdens and bring the desired in magnetic form, encourages being steadfast in your purpose, providing focus for your purpose, balances the unexpected, for motivation and confidence, provides guidance to the easiest road of growth and ascension, assists one in seeing signs, directs one toward the best circumstances and easier lessons, removes obstacles.

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Lodestone crystallizes in the form of octahedral and rhombdodecahedral crystals, granular masses, dendrites, crusts, and grains; it is also found as a constituent in meteorites. The colour range includes iron black and pale brown. Lodestone is actually magnetite with an additional property of polarity. The additional property is addressed here. This additional property of lodestone enables one to both fundamentally recognize and distinguish between the dualities which exist in ones environment. It enhances receptivity and helps one to rejoice in all of the circumstances which enter into one’s life. It balances the male/female aspects of one’s body, mind, and emotions, and stimulates consciousness for each moment. It assists in relieving burdens and in bringing to fruition that which is “wanted”. It encourages “holding fast” to ones purpose, eliminating confusion of purpose and balancing unexpected occurrences. It also promotes motivation and confidence, eliminating insecurity and dependence. Lodestone further serves to provide guidance with respect to the most beneficial direction for progression and ultimate ascension, helping one to understand the signs which point toward the easiest lessons and the most advantageous circumstances. It also assists in removing obstacles along the way. It is said that, in “days of old”, the lodestone was used to test fidelity; if unfaithful or un-loyal, ones wife, husband, or partner would “fall out of bed” when touched by the lodestone. It also acts to balance and to align the meridians of the physical body with the etheric body. It aligns and activates the chakras and aligns the etheric body with the subtle bodies. It also aligns the astral body to the etheric body to stimulate ease in astral travel. Alignment and activation of the subtle bodies is also completed. It assists in the removal of energy blockages which are present in dis-ease, inducing the free flow of the strength of the body to renew itself.

The excerpts above are taken from LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by MELODY.

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