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Lapis Lazuli

Astrological signs: Sagittarius

Vibrates to the number: 3

Correlated chakras: Third Eye (6th), Throat (5th)

Termed: “Stone of Awareness”, “Stone of the Gods”

Is said to: open third eye, stimulate enlightenment, for dreamwork, psychic ability, esoteric wisdom, spiritual journeying, personal power, release stress, bring deep peace, cheer, protective stone, contact spirit guides, block psychic attack, for self-acceptance, family loyalty, harmonize the physical emotional mental and spiritual, take charge of life, reveals inner truth, allows self-expression, brings honesty trust compassion and uprightness to the personality, stimulates higher facilities of the mind, brings objectivity and clarity, encourage creativity, harmonize conflict, for promotions, bonds and success in relationships, dissolves martyrdom yet cruelty and suffering, treats: pain, migraines, depression, respiratory nervous muscular and skeletal system, balance the throat larynx and thyroid, inflammation, cleanse organs, bone marrow, thymus, hearing loss, purifies blood, boosts immune system, insomnia, vertigo, blood pressure, anxiety, skin, autism, lymph glands, cellular restructuring, Eustachian tube, RNA DNA damage, eyesight .

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Have existed since before "time was born", assisting one in gaining admission to the domain of the unknown mysteries of the sacred texts and the esoteric ideas and enhancing the wisdom to understand the information. It further allows one to gain access to, and to explore, the esoteric planetary knowledge. The Afghanistan lapis has been likened to the night sky bedecked with stars. It promotes the connection between the physical plane and the celestial kingdom. It represents the forces of initiation into wisdom and the metaphysical realm. Lapis provides for activation and energizing of the throat and brow chakra. The crystalline structure further clears these chakras and provides for unification of all of the chakras for the purpose of maintaining the "perfection" within the person. Lapis lazuli is a "stone of total awareness", helping to expand awareness and intellectual capacity, and allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of one’s nature. it also helps one to remain objective about the subjective, providing for stimulus to the process of reasoning and reinforcing the acceptance of subsequent knowledge, it enables one the obtain relief from that which has been pressed into the shadow recesses of the mind, providing objectivity, clarity, and mental endurance during release of emotional bondage. It helps for diminishment of the internal smoldering fire which leads to disease. It stimulates the communicative facets of the self, providing for clarity and responsiveness during the release of information. It assists one in the attunement to the creative source, stimulating the expansion and the realization of consciousness toward the awakening of the perfection of the self. It promotes the insight to a structured plan, which can help one to evolve upward toward the light of the total unification with "all that is". Lapis can be placed over the third eye (e.g. a cabochon or crystal) to aid one in developing insight into one’s own dreams. It assists in providing a connection with the dream forces, which are working to both guide and counsel one during altered states. It helps to stimulate emotional, mental, and physical purity and clarity, supporting ones courage in activities culminating in the advancement toward universal wisdom. It can assist one in the organization of one’s life and the routine day to day activities in which one is involved. It helps one to overcome depression and enhances the states of serenity & self-acceptance. It is said to bring cheer to the user and to bring success in relationships. It has been used to further the connected-ness between the male and female attributes of this plane. It assists in balancing the yin-yang energies, focusing on the optimum equilibrium during each situation or circumstance of which one is a participant. It has also been used as a protective stone, sheltering the wearer/carrier from physical danger & psychics attacks. Lapis can be used in the treatment in disorders of the throat, bone marrow, thymus, and immune system. It can help to relieve the symptoms of insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness. It can assist in preventing and in rectifying RNA/DNA damage and has been used to activate the regenerative energies within the body. It can be used to stimulate cellular restructuring with respect to both hearing loss and the Eustachian tube. In addition the crystalline form of lapis can be used to access the energy to sustain health and to restructure cellular, muscular, and skeletal disorders.

The excerpts above are taken from LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by MELODY.

Animal healing - calms high strung or pedigree breeds especially at an animal show.

Use starlight to recharge lapis.

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