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Astrological signs: Taurus, Cancer, Leo

Vibrates to the numbers: 5, 6

Correlated chakras: Root (1st), Sexual/Creative (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th)

Termed: “;Stone of Vitality”, “Supreme Nurturer”, “Fertility Symbol”

Is said to: Ground in present moment, restore vitality and motivation especially for business, stimulate creativity, for dramatic pursuits, sexuality, cleanses other stones, lifts fear of death, gives courage, trust oneself, promotes positive choices, dissolves apathy, overcome abuse, inspires, calms anger, overcome negative conditioning, encourage steadfastness, improves analytical capabilities, clarifies perception, for frigidity and impotence, sharpens focus, dispels mental drain, protects against envy resentment and rage from within or out, banish emotional negativity, for confidence, stimulate metabolism, abundance, activate base chakra, treats: lower back, rheumatism, sexual anxieties, PMS, arthritis, neuralgia, colds, depression, regulates bodily fluids and kidneys, bones, ligaments, stanches blood, dementia, absorption of vitamins and minerals, circulates blood to organs and tissues, gallstones, kidney stones, fertility, allergies, pancreas, female reproductive organs, food addictions, arthritis, rheumatism, spine, spleen.

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Carnelian is a form of chalcedony and usually occurs in the uniform color of red, orange or red brown. Carnelian stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. It provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents and adroitness. It is also used to produce inspiration from, and connected-ness with, the spiritual worlds. It protects against envy, fear, and rage and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure. It further assists in providing for awareness of the association between the emotional state and the inner condition of the self. It provides an energy conductive to the stabilization of energy in the home. It provides also a strong, yet tender energy when used in the mode of retreat. The message of carnelian is that since one is love, there is nothing to do but offer the love - each offering of love bringing an exponential increase in the quality of love returned. Pink carnelian, especially can encourage love between parents and children, and between parents and parents. Carnelian stimulates inquisitiveness and subsequent initiative. It can be used to dispel apathy, indolence and passivity. The energy of carnelian is favorable with respect to cleansing negativity from other stones. When directed, it provides for a cleaning action while directing any negative energy which is within the area, toward the light of transmutation. It can assist one in drama and in pursuits related to theatrical presentation. It is useful in work on the first; second, third and fourth chakras and can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion. It can be used in the treatment of neuralgia, gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies, and colds. It can also be useful to aid in the amelioration of disorders of the spine, spleen and pancreas. It has been used in an elixir to help heal cuts and abrasions. As a chalcedony: it has successfully been used to provide a pathway for receiving thought transmissions. Chalcedony is useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It is a stone to encourage "brotherhood" among all it symbolizes benevolence and good will, the benevolence stemming from the nurturing energy within the stone. It alleviates hostilities, irritability, and melancholy. It enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. It can be used to improve the assimilation of minerals and help to combat build-up of materials in the veins. It is said to cure varying forms of dementia, to rectify senility, and to increase mental stability. As an agate: provides for balancing of the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. It stabilizes the aura, providing for a cleansing effect which acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and to both transform and eliminate negativity. It further assists one in the development of precision in examination of oneself and of circumstances relevant to ones well-being. In historic times, it was placed in water for use in cooking and/or for drinking in order to dispel sickness. Agate can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. It provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents and adroitness. It is also used to produce inspiration from and connectedness with the entities residing in the spiritual worlds. It has been reported to strengthen the sight, to diminish thirst, and to promote marital fidelity.

The excerpts above are taken from LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by MELODY.

Animal healing: quiets an aggressive animal, gives timid pet’s courage to connect with humans .

Energize in sunlight.

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