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Blue Goldstone

Astrological signs: All

Vibrates to the number: 3

Correlated chakras: All

Termed: “Stone of Wisdom and Science”, “Stone of Fame”

Is said to: Be a stone of wisdom and science, teaching us to reach for the stars and reminding us of the light within darkness, a powerful energy generator, a lucky gemstone, great for providing composure, aids transformation of thoughts from one person to another, stabilizing emotions, is good for giving energy, helps remove or repel unwanted entities, good for lifting depression, eases pain of arthritis, rheumatism and other aches and pains, great for anxiety, helps with pain and inflammation, children use to alleviate fear of the dark, useful for migraines and associated visual problems, good for the blood system, use when redecorating or renovating your home, great for increasing telepathic ability, a stone for actors or anyone who appears in the media professionally and anyone seeking fame, at work it will help you gain recognition, attracts success, is said to be a master healer, provides composure.
  • Identity: WLZLDA838E
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