choose your number:

  • One is the number of raw energy, masculinity, leadership and originality. The energy of leading is a lonely and courageous self-conscious act, thus creating the original “I am”. It assists the energy of power, force, and pioneering. The vibration of a one must then result in creating perpetual motion. It is the ultimate in aggressiveness.

  • Two is the number of femininity, couples, peacemaking, and compromise. A feminine two vibration brings out receptive, sensitive, adaptable, and gentle energies.

  • Three is the number of self-expression, pleasure, creativity and manifestation. Through self-expression comes the vibration for social interaction, emotions, theatrics, communication and enthusiasm. The energy of pleasure brings beauty, art, romance, and a happy-go-lucky attitude, while creativity helps one to be diverse, grow, expand and manifest their dreams.

  • four is the number of stability, construction, creation, and law & order. Fours give the vibration of entrepreneurship, while putting everything in order and forming practical work, endurance and discipline.

  • five is the number of versatility, freedom, change, communication, curiosity and activity. Through a five one can become adaptable and excel in decision making. The curiosity brings resourcefulness and adventure, while the communication can create the energy of magnetism.

  • six is the number of harmony, justice, counseling, responsibilities and service. Through this stature of responsibilities it brings one to balance home, family, and community, while counseling with compassion, and healing. It results in harmony, flourishing in the arts, beauty, and love.

  • seven is the number of mystery, spirituality, philosophy, inspiration and quiet. Through this vibration it connects one to nature, friendship, stillness and health. It allows one to be introspective, intuitive and inspired.

  • eight is the number of success, power, growth and recognition. It is the vibration of reaping karmically what has been sown, emanating from resources, material goods, and business in general. It provides one with the drive and perseverance necessary to succeed and get to the top.

  • nine is the number of closing a cycle. That completion in many cases brings selflessness, compassion, tolerance and understanding for which it also stands. The vibration of nine allows one to give back, be patient, have love and to be of service to all.