1-Hour Reading | 30-Minute Reading


First Danna looks at your name with the intention of reading and assisting you with your energy. When she does this certain stones light up to show her your energetic state and the current issues you might be experiencing and feelings you may be having become known to her. She will then provide steps to help navigate your energetic path to your desired state. Danna honors her relationship with God, Our Creator, which she feels enables this information and will often show one how to trust the higher power in their life. During your reading you may become aware of beneficial prayer, exercises, meditation, holistic remedies, thoughts, ways of being and anything else that may be beneficial to your organism. This process is conducted over the phone. After your purchase is complete, Danna will arrange a time to connect with you depending upon which length Energy Reading you have chosen (30 minutes to 1 hour).

Note that this process is for educational purposes only. If you need medical assistance, you should meet with your doctor.