Born in New York City as an intuitive child to an entrepreneurial family, Danna loved crystals immediately. Her connection to crystals and gemstones is woven through many incarnations. In her teen and college years, she was recognized as a successful artist, creating a crystal and gemstone jewelry line that sold in stores all over the country including Macy's and was featured in magazines such as Redbook and Seventeen. Her creative pursuits led her to graduate from Syracuse University where she acquired a BS in Fashion Design. After college, Danna worked for some of the fashion industry’s best-known icons; the late Liz Tilberis at Harpers Bazaar, Elizabeth Saltzman at Vanity Fair, Bonnie Fuller at Cosmopolitan and Donna Karan in her design studio. With business acumen and styling experience, Danna pursued her own venture styling celebrities for the red carpet. She has commented for press and news shows such as the Today Show, Fashion Police, CBS Morning news and more discussing fashion and intuiting trends. In addition, she contributed to Fashion Institute of Technology's curriculum and created their first ever course on "Creating Public Persona for Celebrities".

It was during this time that Danna feel ill with a serious bacterial infection called C Diff resulting from antibiotics. In seeking help Danna became reacquainted with the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones. She was so moved by their energy, she created Conscious Jewelry in 2007 and later Vibrational Works in 2015 (her sculptural contemporary art and furniture collection). Today Danna also uses her clairvoyant abilities to provide Energy Readings, Intuition Workshops and lectures. She loves to surf, play at improv and dance.

For more information on Danna’s background and other energetic products by her, please see www.DannaWeiss.com