Dear Friends of Conscious Jewelry,

Hearing stories about the difference Conscious Jewelry has made in your lives has touched my heart. I love receiving your notes and letters and posted some. If you would like to share your story with us, please write to us at :

Rock On,

Danna Weiss

Dear Danna,

All the crystals, when you put them on, feel very's the weight and size of them that also makes them feel immediately powerful. I just know that I always feel better when I have on my rose quartz - its energy is palpably sweet. I don't know if it's a combination of the beauty of the jewelry, its energy and properties, but I always get so many compliments when I have it on and I feel great. My piece is very opulent and pretty. I love it. Thank you.

Lillian Alverez

I have eight Danna Weiss original pieces and every time I wear one I can instantly feel the energy from the stones. Depending on my mood, or what is going on in my day, a Danna Weiss piece can accent anything I am wearing or just make an ordinary outfit come alive with color and such style. She is truly an innovative, spiritually gifted jeweler, along with helping to keep an eco-friendly eye on her jewels as well. I adore my collection

Suzanne Corso


I love your pieces and I think they are phenomenal personal tools. I always receive strength from them and I wear them not only because they're gorgeous, but because they empower me. I would love to own one of everything!

You are extremely gifted and we're fortunate to have these gifts from you.

Much love,

Hi Danna...

Wow. I just wore my necklace today!!!... I love it because it is so unusual and beautiful. When I wear the necklace my chakras get real warm. I am sensitive to energy as a Reiki healer.. So your necklace helps me stay balanced in my energy centers..Especially at work..

Your contribution to health and wellness is so appreciated in this day and age and thank you for sharing your jewelry with the world.

Lauren Larsen

I had met Danna at a monthly group meeting and she told me about her line of Jewelry. She told me of her personal story and I thought, "Wow", that's really interesting. She then told me that she would have a presentation of her jewelry at our next meeting. I had recently gone through some changes in my life and gave this a lot of thought. When I got home I went to her website and started to check it out. Two years ago I had a massive heart attack and I knew I had to make some major changes in my life. Particularly with the stress and the way I looked at things and the way I dealt with them. I always seemed to see the negative in every situation, and I got aggravated very easily. So I figured, what the heck, I'll look at this with an open mind, what could I lose?

When I came to the meeting and saw all the jewelry, I was immediately attracted to a black stone, "Obsidian". As I was checking it out, Danna gave me a card to read about the stone. She had said that the stone actually chooses you. Well, she was right. I started to read and the first thing I noticed was the astrological sign: Sagittarius, my sign. Correlated Chakras: root, heart, Hmmm, very interesting. As I read on I was amazed that it had everything that I was looking for: reflection of one's flaws and a clear picture of the necessary changes. Provides a shield against negativity. I was sold right there!!!

I am pursuing a career in the arts and still maintain a survival job. I work as a waiter, a very negative environment and frustrating to say the least. I started wearing MY stone and immediately started to see a change in my attitude. I noticed I was actually looking forward to going to work, and nothing, and I mean nothing would bother me while I was there, as it did before. The other waiters began to notice this as well. I actually have fun at work now. I no longer see things in a negative way and I don't stress about my career, which now is moving forward very nicely. I see things in a positive way now.

It is totally amazing! I wear my stone 24/7; the only time I take it off is when I take a shower. I kid you not. It has really helped me to make the changes that I needed to make to change my life and to start enjoying it.

Thanks Danna,
Bob Kirk

I would love to say something so people know what an awesome investment your jewelry is. Not only beautiful, but powerful!

The moment I put the red jasper necklace on I felt an intense wave of energy flow from it. I was diagnosed with gallstones and very poor digestion a few years back and have suffered from stomach pains and nausea every day for almost 5 years. Even being a Natural Chef I still struggle to find time to cook up all the great remedies for my condition on consistent basis. However, having this necklace around me for just a day I felt constant therapeutic energy from the stones. I also realized very quickly that your placement of the stones were not just for fashion, but had a purpose in where each laid on my chest and stomach. This jewelry isn't just a fad, it's an investment on your health and energy. You have a natural gift and knowledge in the magic of these stones.

It's amazing that even almost a year later I remember my experience with this necklace as if it was yesterday. I bought 2 stones of red jasper and eat and sleep with them by me always, but for some reason these stones don't even compare to the impact of the necklace.

Carla Delangre


I found my 30lb mutt, Zipper, on the side of a highway in September. Several months later her anxiety from her days on the streets and a possibly rough or abusive life before that had yet to subside. I tried herbal calming techniques, an animal reike master, and lots and lots of unconditional love and attention, but still her stress made her difficult to share a home with. After looking at I was drawn to the pet healing stones, even though in all honesty I was shopping for myself. I bought a citrine pet charm for Zipper and within a couple weeks I noticed her mood had shifted. Her anxiety settled and she was much calmer. She was able to relax and be a pet without feeling over-stimulated. She began to sleep more instead of being startled easily from outside noises. Overall the changes were subtle at first and then people started telling me how much more they loved spending time with her and how she had settled in so nicely to her new home, at which point I would recommend Danna Weiss' website. Now I keep it on every once in a while if we are going to have a chaotic day and I've noticed about 30% of the stone has corroded with the negative energy Zipper has released. Now Zipper and I are happy and living in harmony.

Rebecca Krauss


I chanced upon Conscious Jewelry at the Jivamukti Center in downtown New York sometime in the spring of 2008. I was initially attracted-- purely for fashion reasons-- to chunks of tiger's eye in the various shades of brown strung on a heavy gold chain. I write about fashion and fine jewelry and most of the tiger's eye I have seen were in small beads. I had never seen them in large chunks.

I was not looking to be enlightened, healed or to be inspired but the piece called out to me so much so that I a) waited a long time for the sales person to come back only to find out she did not have the key to the case then b) came back to look at it after class because I kept thinking about this piece….(It is a very un-yoga attitude to fixate on material things and not be in the 'now' but I am first a fashion victim)

I didn't know tiger's eye was the stone for bankers, which is what my husband is. Did we need the stone's energy? Perhaps, we certainly do, now! I wore it first and foremost because I loved how it looked but after choosing to wear it almost every day for three months, I felt a change in my energy. I wouldn't say my energy levels increased but I just felt more positive and more confident. That summer (wearing the necklace, of course) I was able to write significant chapters for my next novel.

Conscious Jewelry is something (or everything) to everyone--versatility, individuality, ethics and energy in one stylish conversation starter.

Kitty Go

I purchased the crystal healing set from Danna Weiss 6 months ago. At the time I had the intention to use the healing set primarily on clients during healing and energy sessions. I started using the set with clients and had great feedback. I ran into Danna at an event and she asked how "I" was enjoying the healing set. I told her that I had not really used the set as often on myself, and that I purchased it more for clients. Danna recommended that I use the healing set on myself and gave me a few pointers. I am very sensitive and can take on other people's energy, this can be useful during a session but in the past it presented a challenge when I was not able to fully disengage from another's energy. Danna recommended that I ask the stones to take the energy off me and clear them often. I began using the stones on myself regularly and developed a strong relationship with them. I often use them in the bath and I will ask the stones to take any heavy energy from me. I love using the stones to massage my skin and often integrate it into my facial treatments with others. Sometimes I will walk past my stones and one or two or three will jump out at me and I will put them in my pocket and carry them with me for the day. I do a healing session nearly every week with the stones while I give myself healing energy. I love the set and I am so happy that Danna encouraged me to use the stones on myself as well as others. A true healer knows that the healing has to begin within before they can share and help others.

Kim Sevy Hillaire

Danna is intuitive about the stones her clients need for healing.... the right stone and combination of stones can make all the difference in how we feel.

Susan Vecesy