Stones for kids is a charity that was created to make free healing stones available to children who are ill, troubled or in need. Of special mention is the Children's Make a Wish Foundation in Canada.

As adults our "inner child" is where we react negatively from and where we store our adult pain. The growing pains and negative imprinting we have experienced as children, are largely the source of our adult issues. It is Danna's hope that children learn about the metaphysical world and are able to self-heal at an early age when issues are easier to correct or in more urgent cases, simply comfort and ease brave terminally ill children.

By working with stones early, children will have a place to release some of the emotional residue that causes disease and negative imprinted adult response. Working with crystals is one of the few ways to always have healing and positive energy available to you no matter the hour. It is something Danna wants for children everywhere.